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NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

ID_TRID.ZIP 26-Feb-1997 00:00 31KIf you need to identify which trident vga chipset you have use id_trid
NT40-975.ZIP 09-Jul-1997 00:00 208KTrident 3dimage975 Windows NT 4.0 driver
NT40-985.ZIP 26-Aug-1997 00:00 218KTrident 3dimage985 Windows NT v4.0 driver
NT40DRV.ZIP 26-Feb-1997 00:00 77KWindows NT 4.0 Driver for Trident tgui9440 SVGA cards
NTRIDENT.ZIP 05-Jan-1993 00:00 930KDrivers for most all Trident video cards
OS2-975.ZIP 29-Jan-1997 00:00 1.1MTrident 3dimage975 IBM OS/2 WARP 4.0 driver.
TGIUL95.ZIP 05-Jul-1995 00:00 20KTrident 9400/9420/9440 Win95 Drivers
TRID94XX.ZIP 19-Apr-1995 00:00 13KTrident chipset: 9400CXi, 940DGi, 9440AGi, 8900x
TRID96XX.ZIP 14-Sep-1996 00:00 34KTrident 96xx series vga controller driver for Windows 95
TRIDENT.ZIP 03-Jun-1993 00:00 507KDrivers for most all Trident video cards 4.50s/May 1993 TRIDENT tvga8900cl/9200cx Drivers
TRIDENT9.ZIP 12-May-1995 00:00 1.2MTrident 9440 Display Drivers v1.2
TRIDNT31.ZIP 19-Jan-1994 00:00 16KTrident allows 256 colors in NT 3.1
TRIDNT35.ZIP 19-Dec-1994 00:00 11KTrident 256 Colors within NT3.5 & NT3.51
TRIWIN31.ZIP 08-Dec-1993 00:00 542KMS-Windows 3.1 Trident TVGA Drivers (UC5.1 11/93) Includes 256, 16k, 32k and 16M color drivers.
TUTIL450.ARJ 08-May-1994 00:00 718KTrident TVGA Utilities version UC4.5.
TVGA8900.ZIP 23-Apr-1992 00:00 461KTrident tvga9800c, Win 3.1 drivers.
TVGACRTC.ZIP 13-Jan-1994 00:00 64KSäädä Tridentin virkistystaajuuksia.
TVGAW31A.ZIP 29-Apr-1992 00:00 333KWin Drivers for All Trident8900c/9000 Cards (1 of 2)
TVGAW31B.ZIP 08-Jan-1993 00:00 898KWin Drivers for All Trident8900c/9000 Cards (2 of 2)
UA63_DOS.ZIP 18-Aug-1995 00:00 747KTrident Video Drivers
UA63_WIN.ZIP 23-Jan-1995 00:00 1.0MTrident Video Drivers
UA64-WIN.ZIP 26-Feb-1997 00:00 1.0MWindows 3.1 Driver for Trident tgui9440 SVGA cards
UC51-1.ZIP 15-Dec-1993 00:00 524KUtil/DOS drv for 8900cl/D + 9200cxr (1/2)
UC51-2.ZIP 08-Dec-1993 00:00 541KUtil/DOS drv for 8900cl/D + 9200cxr (2/2)
UC51.EXE 14-Jan-1994 00:00 1.1MMS Windows 3.1 TRIDENT TVGA Drivers
UC95-10B.ZIP 19-Apr-1995 00:00 12KWindows 95 (BETA) drivers for Trident 8900c, CL, D; 9000i, A, B, D; 9200cxr; 9400cxi; 9420dgi
UD55.EXE 11-Nov-1993 00:00 923KMS Windows 3.1 TRIDENT TCGA Drivers
UG61-2.ZIP 26-Feb-1997 00:00 1.0MWindows 3.1 Driver for Trident tgui9420dgi SVGA cards
UH68-UTL.ZIP 21-Apr-1997 00:00 1.0MTrident ProVidia9685 Windows95, NT, 4.0 & DOS Utilities Version: UH6.8(06)
UH68-WIN.ZIP 21-Apr-1997 00:00 1.0MTrident ProVidia9685 Drivers Windows 3.1x Version: UH6.8(06)
UL61-2.ZIP 15-Sep-1994 00:00 1.0MTrident 9400cxi chip set Beta drivers
US60-UTL.ZIP 21-Jul-1997 00:00 515KTrident 3dimage975 DOS Utilities & autocad Rel 10, 11, 12, 13 Version: US6.0(31)
US60-WIN.ZIP 21-Jul-1997 00:00 1.0MTrident 3dimage975 drivers for Windows 3.1x Version: US6.0(31)
UX64_UTL.ZIP 08-Feb-1996 00:00 847KWin95 drivers for Trident 96xx based video cards
UX64_WIN.ZIP 04-Mar-1996 00:00 1.0MWin 3.1 drivers for Trident 96xx adapters
VESA.ZIP 26-Feb-1997 00:00 9.1KVESA drivers for those trident card's that do not have VESA compatibility in their BIOS
W95-402.ZIP 26-Feb-1997 00:00 192KWindows 95 Driver for Trident tgui9440 SVGA cards
W95-975.ZIP 02-Dec-1997 00:00 246KTrident 3dimage975 Windows 95 driver Version 6.20.6543h (Updated 12/17/97)
W95-985.ZIP 08-Dec-1997 00:00 279KTrident 3dimage985 Windows 95 driver AGP v3838
W95-9685.ZIP 15-Jul-1997 00:00 202KTrident ProVidia9685 Windows 95 Driver Version: 5.00.12
WARP-985.ZIP 29-Sep-1997 00:00 1.1MTrident 3dimage985 IBM OS/2 WARP 4.0 driver
WARP9685.ZIP 08-Apr-1997 00:00 1.2MTrident ProVidia9685 OS/2 WARP 4.0 drivers
WIN-985.ZIP 15-Oct-1997 00:00 1.0MTrident 3dimage985 Windows v3.1x driver
WINDRVC.ZIP 09-Jan-1992 00:00 468KTrident VGA Drivers (8900 chipset)
WINFLOW.ZIP 13-Apr-1992 00:00 3.6KChart for Video Driver Trouble (Trident)