Metropoli BBS files -


NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

1_UNDER.ZIP 05-Aug-1994 00:00 3.3KAsm 94 4kb entry
4KAPSINI.ZIP 14-May-1994 00:00 7.5KWes /Appellssiini presents a 4k-intro From 
4KBLAND.ZIP 06-Aug-1994 00:00 4.4KAsm 94 4kb entry
4KBP.ZIP 06-Aug-1994 00:00 3.0KAsm 94 4kb entry
4K_LESS.ZIP 05-Aug-1994 00:00 8.1KP A R A N O I D S proudly presents: Small 
intro for Assembly 1994 4kb intro 
competition. Requires minimum 386sx/25 to 
run! Also needs VGA adapter with 256kb memory 
on it! No support for any known music card 
3461.ZIP 05-Aug-1994 00:00 3.7KAsm 94 4kb entry
3940.ZIP 06-Aug-1994 00:00 4.0KAsm 94 4kb entry
ABCDEFG.ZIP 04-Aug-1994 00:00 4.1KAsm 94 4kb entry
ADDY_II.ZIP 01-Aug-1994 00:00 4.3KAsm 94 4kb entry
BANAANI.ZIP 27-May-1994 00:00 2.5Kunknown
CHAOS.ZIP 01-Aug-1994 00:00 5.4KChaos by Codex / Extend
CHEATS.ZIP 06-Aug-1994 00:00 3.7KC H E A T I N G S U C K S And Assembly'94 
4kb-IntroCompo Intro by Ghoul / Quasar
CMODORE.ZIP 06-Aug-1994 00:00 2.3KCommoder by MTR?
CMORF.ZIP 06-Aug-1994 00:00 1.4Krealtime Julia morfing by Asmu / Wild Light
COME.ZIP 31-Jul-1994 00:00 5.7K- a 4kb intro coded by Zed/remal -
COMPCODE.ZIP 12-Nov-1994 00:00 4.9KCompact Code by Als
DEFECT.ZIP 12-Nov-1994 00:00 4.1KDefect! by DDG
DELAY_PT.ZIP 24-Jul-1994 00:00 3.8KDelay Points by Mythos
DRAIN.ZIP 06-Aug-1994 00:00 4.4KDrain by Liki/Anarchy
DREAM.ZIP 06-Aug-1994 00:00 4.7KLiquid Dreams by Medium
FDREAMS.ZIP 05-Aug-1994 00:00 4.4KFractal Dreams by Mental Design
FLIGHT.ZIP 04-Aug-1994 00:00 6.0K4k intro for assembly 94 by Juha SΣrkijΣrvi
FRACTALS.ZIP 06-Aug-1994 00:00 4.2KFractals by schwartz
FRACZOOM.ZIP 06-Aug-1994 00:00 3.7KFractal Zoom by unknown
FREV.ZIP 12-Nov-1994 00:00 2.7KFractal Revolution by Yaka of Xography
GIANT.ZIP 06-Aug-1994 00:00 11KG I A N T the Ultimate 4kb-Intro released in 
Assembly '94
HANDY.ZIP 05-Aug-1994 00:00 5.7KHandy by Ervin / Abaddon
HAPPIJOY.ZIP 12-Nov-1994 00:00 4.7KHappi Happi Joy Joy by Pnut / Darkzone
HMMMM.ZIP 06-Aug-1994 00:00 3.2KIntro called HMMMM by unknown
INTR.ZIP 12-Nov-1994 00:00 4.1KOrtni by No Name
JOX.ZIP 06-Aug-1994 00:00 3.9KSome Jox by DPS
JUSTDOIT.ZIP 05-Aug-1994 00:00 4.1KJust Do It!
KILTRO.ZIP 12-Nov-1994 00:00 4.8KKilroy by Bonzai
KRIKKIT.ZIP 05-Aug-1994 00:00 4.1Kunknown
LEGALIZE.ZIP 12-Nov-1994 00:00 5.5KLegalize by Xography
MAGICBAL.ZIP 12-Nov-1994 00:00 4.6KMagic Ball by Tasmaniac
MANJU.ZIP 05-Aug-1994 00:00 4.7KMandel Julia
MOUNTAIN.ZIP 09-Jul-1994 00:00 3.5KMountain by Scarfman
NUAGE.ZIP 05-Jan-1994 00:00 3.8Kp r e s e n t s ALL I NEED IS 2 KB! released 
at: the ASSEMBLY'94 DUNE +33-1- up 
to 24k
O4P.ZIP 06-Aug-1994 00:00 4.1Kunknown
OPTIMIZE.ZIP 05-Aug-1994 00:00 6.1KE P i C A L P R E S E N T S \_P_/ | Came 2nd 
\ _ / | at Assembly'94 4kb introcompetition 
Optimize - The Ultimate 4kb Intro on PC
PARANOIA.ZIP 06-Aug-1994 00:00 4.4Kunknown
PDL_STAB.ZIP 31-Jul-1994 00:00 3.2Kunknown
PLASMAT.ZIP 05-Aug-1994 00:00 4.3Kunknown
RAVEDEMO.ZIP 01-Aug-1994 00:00 3.8KRavedemo.
REDROCKS.ZIP 04-Aug-1994 00:00 3.8Ksomething by Torch.
REVENGE.ZIP 05-Aug-1994 00:00 57K   ==============================
JMP│                            │AND
JBE│  satsuma_desIgn/factor-x : │XOR
JNE│   bamses revenge - intro   │NOT
JMP│                            │AND
JBE│   attented at asmbly '94   │XOR
JNE│                            │NOT
RIPOFF.ZIP 06-Aug-1994 00:00 4.2Kunknown
SFRACT.ZIP 25-Jul-1994 00:00 5.2KFractal Chaos by Slender/Sonik Clique
SIP_MOVE.ZIP 06-Aug-1994 00:00 3.6KDone for/at the ASM'94 4 KB Intro competition 
Coder: Chicken/S!P
SMALLONE.ZIP 12-Nov-1994 00:00 6.5KThe Small One by Green Apple!
SPAM.ZIP 06-Aug-1994 00:00 5.0KAugust 6th, '94 xtoto presents: the 4kb-intro 
386, vga needed
SPREADME.ZIP 05-Aug-1994 00:00 2.7KFRACTAL REVOLUTION A 4k-Intro by Yaka of 
Xography Nice realtime calculated Mandelbrot 
Zoomer in there!
STONED.ZIP 03-Aug-1994 00:00 6.1KA 4kb-Intro for the ASSEMBLY 94 by 
SWIRL.ZIP 06-Aug-1994 00:00 2.7KSwirl by Trinet/TSD, Madster/Codeblaster & co
THEWAY.ZIP 03-Aug-1994 00:00 4.6KThe Way by Bone / Paprika
THE_CUBE.ZIP 12-Nov-1994 00:00 4.4KThe Cube by unknown
THE_FART.ZIP 04-Aug-1994 00:00 3.4KState of the Fart by unknown
TINY.ZIP 12-Nov-1994 00:00 4.6KTiny by Kroc/Infiny
TOMTE.ZIP 06-Aug-1994 00:00 4.1KTomte by someone
TORNADO.ZIP 06-Aug-1994 00:00 3.1Kunknown
TOTAL.ZIP 05-Aug-1994 00:00 5.1KRubicon presents * TOTAL BYTES * ASM'94 
4kb-intro Req. 386+, VGA
TR6.ZIP 05-Aug-1994 00:00 3.5KTR6 by unknown
UNTITLED.ZIP 04-Aug-1994 00:00 3.7Kunknown
VIRT.ZIP 12-Nov-1994 00:00 5.3KVirtuosys by Remal
WACO.ZIP 05-Aug-1994 00:00 4.8KWaco by SorroX
From ASM-94 . 4kb intro compo .
ZOM.ZIP 04-Aug-1994 00:00 3.1KZom by MCI?