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NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

ABD98.RES 13-Jul-1998 00:00 6.2KAbduction'98 - The Results!
ASM93RES.ZIP 06-Jan-1995 00:00 1.8KAssembly'93 results
DML2-RES.ZIP 28-Nov-1996 00:00 7.7KOfficial Results for - DEMOLITION II - Held 
in Joensuu, Finland 22nd to 24th of November
FX-DEMRE.ZIP 11-Dec-1996 00:00 1.1Mproudly presents +kat Demolition II Party 
report with some high resolution JPG 
pictures. (Catalysator(27/11/1996)
TMDC1RES.ZIP 28-Nov-1996 00:00 8.0KText Mode Demo Compon resultit. (TMCD)
W97RES.ZIP 20-Jul-1997 00:00 3.9Kwired wired'97 - THE OFFICIAL RESULT FILE
W97RES_U.TXT 25-Jul-1997 00:00 312 Wired'97 results unofficial
X97TAKE2.NFO 10-Mar-1997 00:00 16KX97 takeover II partyjen NFO tiedosto.
ZOO97RES.TXT 02-Dec-1997 00:00 6.6Kzoo '97 results